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Creed Santal?

Rated 5 out of 5

I’ve no idea what a bottle of genuine Creed Santal is like nor am I likely to fork out the huge amount for it when I can get several great products (I’d have to say with pretty good service too) from Artisan Arcade, including their EDTs, & STILL have change.

Got this soap a week or so back & only just added to it with matching balm & splash. Regretting not getting the EDT now. The scent like all Stirlings I’ve used is, even though it’s on your face, not IN your face. With matching splash & balm the pleasant scent, I found, should leg it through to early arvo. There are other Stirlings I like just as much as this one but this one’s very good too & nice to have on rota. The tallow soap is excellent. All the adjectives you’ll have heard before in relation to top tier shave soaps. The Stirling tallows are good to the point that I go to them now over other brands creams.

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Autumn 🍂 Soap & Splash.

Rated 5 out of 5

Unsure how to describe this one. The scent notes above are close-ish but perhaps more a description of the North American deciduous forests say in Colorado & parts of Wyoming. Whatever the case there are scent reminders here of something from my country Vic (nothing at all Melbourne city) early childhood that I’m still trying to pin down. Something in south Gippsland in the very early 60s maybe. It’s pleasant…& ‘quiet’. And that suits me.

Usual bowl lather for a ‘3 pass’. Have to say that to all the Stirling soaps I’ve used, by my reckoning, are just another league again. I can only assume that it’s the tallow that gives great slickness. Superb. And as always with the Stirling soaps a little goes a long way. They’re generous.

I also used the matching splash which doesn’t seem to go for long, scent wise, but it’s certainly ‘loyal’ in that dep’t to the soap. Both are very nice to use in rotation. Quite pleased with my selection of these two. Well worthy of your shelf or cupboard, whatever.

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Lavender? This one isn't feminine at all.

Rated 5 out of 5

24/8/2023. Used this one with aftershave splash & balm in that order.

1. Soap.The bowl lather build from such a small quantity (less than almond size) was coming over the sides & quite possibly enough for 5 passes. The quality of this soap is top notch being faultlessly thick & slick. The scent, whilst you pick up lavender, isn’t overbearing at all. This is nice. 3 good clean passes then there’s that leftover lather. A little less next time!

2. Splash. Again very nice after you’ve rinsed off your alum. Bracing for a few seconds but the witch hazel within seems to soon sort & settle things a bit.

3. Balm. This helps things settle completely with scent from it & the splash giving a pleasant morning to early arvo. Nice to use similar scented products right through that. Should’ve used the EDT. No regrets at all with lavender.

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