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8 months on.

Rated 5.0 out of 5

I’ve reviewed this one before. Here we are, 8 months on & l keep going back to this shave soap, its matching splash, balm & EDT. This is such a pleasure to stay with for all the reasons you’ll have heard about Stirling stuff. The scent’s so good & it may walk you through, at least, until mid to later arvo. Thoroughly enjoyable &, again, up there with Barbershop.

Haven’t bought any Stirling stuff in the last month so but I found Peter’s service to be top notch. Give the above 2 mentioned scents, if you don’t already have ’em, some serious thought for your cabinet

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Soap, splash & balm.

Rated 5.0 out of 5

Tiny smidge of shave soap lathered up in a newly acquired, warmed up shave skuttle this morning took the lather to another level. Warm lather, ‘buckets’ of it. Too much even. This stuff’s truly rewarding, great value! The warm skuttle brought out & kept the sandalwood & musk scents throughout the shave. (No this review’s not about the skuttle but they DO make a difference!). Enjoyed it so much as to go for 3 & a bit passes. Slick, glide.. you know the rest. All there from start to finish. …and leftover lather.

Love this scent. Refined, not overpowering with a little bit length to early arvo. Gentlemens stuff. The matching splash followed by the balm helps to round things out nicely. The EDT’s good too. A year round quad.

Thanks Peter. Great service yet again.

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Generously sized and a great product!

Rated 5.0 out of 5

As usual, the Stirling product is much more generous that its competitors.

That is OK, but because it is a great product – that is actually more than OK!!!

Easy to use, especially while travelling, I love solid colognes – and this has become one of my favourites.

It is simply sensational!

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